Fitness Lab

FitnessLab is a comprehensive fitness test that incorporates health, fitness and strength to give you a complete profile of your current status.

Your FitnessLab journey, as detailed below, starts with an online questionnaire to assess your current physical activity and goals alongside risk factors. On the day of your fitness testing, you will be in the clinic for approximately 2 hours. One of our team will then meet you and guide you through our health tests.

You will then meet our fitness coaches who will match your fitness and strength testing with your goals. These will include, strength assessment, power profiling in our unique SSC lab and breath by breath cardiovascular VO2 max fitness testing.

This comprises of a short questionnaire that gives us some basic information on your goals, fitness habits and current health status that we can then use to optimise your fitness testing and consultation.

Fitness Test Santry An electrocardiogram (ECG) allows us to record the electrical signal from your heart which allows us to assess for any heart conditions or abnormalities.

One of our physicians or nursing team will take you through our 12 lead ECG test which takes only 10 minutes and is not strenuous.

You will then meet one of our Sports Medicine physicians, all experts in their fields. They will focus on your current lifestyle factors and talk to you about any abnormalities on your ECG or from your health and lifestyle questionnaire.

Fitness testing in DublinIn our custom built SSC Lab we will put you through the testing that the pro’s get. Do not worry, the tests are all very easy and safe but give us a brilliant insight into the capabilities of your lower and upper limb strength and power. These tests are designed to aid your performance, injury prevention and overall muscular health.

Fitness testing santryWe have a variety of fitness assessments to suit every person’s needs and can cater for injuries and specific requests. Our premier VO2 maximum test is conducted on our breath by breath Cortex gas analyser giving us the most accurate of fitness and health data allowing us to tailor your training and give excellent feedback on your fitness status relative to your age and demographic.

Fitness Coaching at SSCOn the day you will be guided through the fitness testing by one of our UKSCA qualified strength and conditioning coaches, experts in fitness, health and wellness. Once your testing is finished they will design your individualised exercise programme.

You will receive our customised report which will give you a comparison of your current fitness status compared to your age as a score out of 100.

Fitness Testing in Santry