Dr Eanna Falvey Sports medicine Consultant SSC

Eanna Falvey

Director of Sports & Exercise Medicine
Dr Falvey, MB BCh, PhD, MRCPI, MmedSci (SEM), FFSEM, has been involved in team coverage for Hurling, Football, Boxing, Rugby and Australian Rules football at elite levels. Dr Falvey graduated from University College Cork before working clinically and researching at Cork University Hospital. He undertook a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the University of Melbourne and completed a PhD at University College Cork.
Dr Falvey is currently the Team Doctor to the Irish Senior Rugby Team and the Irish Boxing High Performance Unit since 2009. He was doctor to the successful British & Irish Lions tour to Australia in 2013, and was doctor with Munster Rugby for 4 years from 2003-07 including the inaugural Heineken cup win in 2006. He has been the Irish Amateur Boxing Association high performance unit physician since 2009 during a period of unrivalled success for Irish boxing.
He is an active member of the Irish sports medicine community. He is a member of the IRFU medical advisory committee, a board member of the Faculty of Sports Medicine and  is a member of the IRB Pitch Side Concussion Assessment (PSCA) working group.
  • Current research interests include: the biomechanics of groin pain, the use of PRP in acute tendon injury and the role of gut microbiota in athlete health and performance and exercise induced asthma.
  • Professional interests include chronic groin pain, tendon injury, lower limb overuse injury, performance and injury prevention in elite team sport.
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB, BCH), University College Cork, 2000
  • PhD, University College Cork 2013
  • Member of the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland, 2003
  • Masters in Sports & Exercise Medicine (UCC), 2003 MmedSc (Sports & Exercise)
  • Sports Medicine Fellow, Cork University Hospital, 2004-2007
  • Clinical/Research Fellowship (Sports Medicine), Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, Melbourne, Australia and Centre for Health Exercise & Sports Medicine, University of Melbourne, Melbourne Australia 2007-2008
  • Director of Sports & Exercise Medicine, Sports Surgery Clinic 2008 to present.
  • Team Doctor Irish Senior Rugby Team 2009 to present.
  • Team Doctor Irish Amateur Boxing Association High Performance Unit 2009- to present.
  • Research Fellow – Centre for Health Exercise & Sports medicine, University of Melbourne.

• Lions tour to Australia 2013
• Munster Rugby Senior Squad 2003-2007
• Ireland ‘A’ Senior Rugby Team; Barclay’s Churchill Cup 2008
• Australian team medical officer: World Summer University Games 2007
• Geelong Cats, VFL team doctor 2007
• Ireland U-21 Rugby Team; World Championships 2005, 2006
• Cloyne Senior Hurling Team 2000- present

  • International Superheavyweight Boxer
  • National Senior Superheavyweight Champion 2002
  • National Intermediate Heavyweight Champion 1997
  • Sports Scholarship Recipient, University College Cork, 1997-1999

Books and Book chapter

• Author: Clinical Sports Anatomy, McGraw-Hill 2011

Contributing author

  • The IOC Manual of Emergency Sports Care: Management of potential neck and spinal injuries- E Falvey, C Roberts. Wiley-Blackwell- publication in 2014
  • The IOC Manual of Sports Injuries: An Illustrated Guide to the Management of Injuries in Physical Activity. Chapter 10 Pelvis, Groin, and Hips (pages 293–338) Marc J. Philippon, Éanna Falvey, Geoffrey M. Verrall and Karen K. Briggs. Wiley-Blackwell 2012
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  • FIMS Sports Medicine Manual: Event Planning and Emergency Care 2010- Section 14.14, Rugby Union.. M G Molloy, E Falvey. Springhouse Publications 2011

Peer reviewed Publications

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