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An Evening for Golfers – Balbriggan Golf Club

An Evening for Golfers – Balbriggan Golf Club

7 pm to 8 pm

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is hosting an information evening at Balbriggan Golf Club next month.

Members of SSC’s Sports & Exercise Medicine Department will present and demonstrate exercises for increased mobility, flexibility and injury prevention.

Presentations will be by the following SSC clinicians:

  • Katie Gill, Senior Physiotherapist at SSC specialising in back pain.
    • ‘Advice and self-management on avoiding back pain for golfers’
  • Luke Harte, Strength & Conditioning Coach & Fitness Lead at SSC
    • ‘Exercises to improve golf performance and minimise injury’

Please note this will be an interactive discussion – wear comfortable clothing.

For further information or to host a similar event at another golf club please contact
Date: 10th March 2020
Location: Balbriggan Golf Club
This event is free of charge