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Athletic Development in the Adolescent – with Nick Grantham

Date: Sunday 16th September

Location: SSC Sports Medicine, Unit C10 Gullivers Retail Park

Time: 8.30am

Price: €160


This workshop deals with the realities of working with young athletes. Nick will share with you insights based on his experience working in performance sport. He’s developed athletic curriculums for a wide range of sports, trained youth athletes who have gone on to deliver world-class performances as senior athletes, and he’s also been there to pick up the pieces when faced with athletes who have been overplayed or over-trained.


Drawing upon leading up-to-date research, Nick will take you through his evidence-based approach to the physical preparation of children and young athletes and show you how to apply these concepts in the real world using practical movement and gym based training.

In this workshop, Nick will explore key topics in strength and conditioning, including:

  • Myths and misconceptions of physical preparation and the youth athlete
  • Planning and periodisation considerations for youth athletes
  • A practical introduction to physical preparation strategies for youth athletes including:
    • Strength, power and plyometrics
    • Speed and agility
    • Metabolic conditioning
    • Mobility and flexibility
    • Injury reduction


This is an essential workshop for all students of strength and conditioning or paediatric exercise science, as well as any coach or trainer working with children and young people.


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Date: 16th September 2018
Location: SSC Sports Medicine
Cost: 160