iBalance High Tibia Osteotomy performed in SSC

SSC is delighted to announce that the first case of iBalance High Tibial Osteotomy carried out in Ireland, was performed in SSC by Mr Mihai Vioreanu Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic.
High Tibial Osteotomy (HTO) is a joint-preserving procedure performed for selected cases of patients with arthritis affecting one side of the knee only. A patient who undergoes a HTO can delay or even avoid a Total Knee Replacement. The purpose of the Osteotomy is to transfer the load to the normal, unaffected joint side.
HTO not only improves the cosmetic appearance of the knee but also allows the patient to have a pain-free, high functioning knee.
Traditionally the HTO is performed with the use of a metal plate and screws that need to be removed at a later stage and could also be a source of soft tissue irritation for the patient.
The modern iBalance HTO uses new technology and materials and consists of a non-absorbable implant and anchors. PEEK is an advanced biomaterial extensively used in the aerospace industry and more recently in orthopaedic surgery due to its mechanical properties and the fact that is more biologically friendly to the bone than metal.
This implant, by being inserted into the bone, potentially eliminates the need for a second surgery to remove prominent, painful hardware used in the traditional HTO surgery.
(Pictured above L-R Dr Konrad Slynarski (Warsaw, Poland) and Mr Mihai Vioreanu Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, SSC)

The iBalance system includes precise instrumentation designed to create a safety “envelope”. This ensures higher safety and accuracy when performing the bone cut and also prevents complications such as unexpected fractures.
The iBalance system has been used worldwide since 2007 with promising short and medium-term results. Dr Konrad Slynarski (Warsaw, Poland) an expert surgeon, with over two hundred such procedures performed to date,  and Tim Egan (Munich, Germany) engineer and developer of the iBalance system visited SSC and assisted Mr Mihai Vioreanu during the surgery.
This was the first such case performed in Ireland and we are looking forward to more similar cases in the near future.
For further information or make an appointment, please contact Mr Mihai Vioreanu’s office  on +353 1 5262340 or email gwenjackson@sportssurgeryclinic.com

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