Groin Injuries – Facts and figures

Groin Pull/Strain – Facts and Figures

  • Both the Belgian Captain Vincent Kompany & English captain Steven Gerard were managing chronic groin injuries during their World Cup campaign
  • Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain missed much of the 2013/14 season with Athletic Groin pain.
  • A number of Premier League Clubs lost players to athletic groin pain for 16 weeks or more, potentially costing them over 2 million in wages.
  • Previous acute injury has significant risk factors for future injury in soccer players.
  • Six premier league clubs already had a player missing with groin pain on opening weekend.
  • Research suggests athletic groin pain linked to pelvic biomechanical overload.

Groin Strain is also known as Sportsman’s hernia, Gilmore’s groin, osteitis pubis and slapshot groin depending on which country you are in, they all describe the same problem.

What typically is the cause of a groin injury?

  • Mechanical overload
  • in high speed, change of direction

3D Biomechanics allows analysis of high-speed sport-specific movement

  • Caleb Sturges Miami Dolphins NFL$2.3 million players is currently out with groin injury.
  • Commonly a condition managed by surgery for a hernia, which few studies have shown exists, or indeed by cutting healthy tissues.
  • Tom Barrass West Coast Eagles AFL player is out for the season with Groin Injury

SSC Research recently submitted to the British Journal of Sports Medicine finds rehabilitation superior to surgery.

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SSC Groin Rehab Programme Supports 9 weeks return to play-based, faster in residential athletes to 4 weeks


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