How common are hamstring injuries in Sport?

  • Australias Ivan Frankjic and Croatia’s Niko Kranjcar had to withdraw from Brazil 2014 due to hamstring injury. 
  •  #1 Injury in the EPL
  • Southhampton was the only premier league to not suffer a hamstring injury during 2012 /2013
  • 49.3% of all muscular injuries reported in Soccer
  • Previous injury, Fatugie, Reduced Flexibility and weakness are risk factors
  • Hamstring Injuries are chartered by a high re-injury rate of 14 – 63% within one year.
  • A most common injury in football and responsible for the 2nd most time out of the sport.
  • It has the highest rate of reoccurrence as muscles that cross two joints are more susceptible to injury.
  • Most are grade 0/1 injuries and make less than 3 weeks to recover.
  • Grade 0 injuries can’t be seen on MRI scans

The problem with most recurrent groin injuries is poor rehabilitation, many players go back ones they have no pain or bruising, this is like stopping hanging wallpaper after applying the paste.

A full strength training program, and then straight line and multidirectional running programme with fatiguing load is essential – otherwise, injury can just re-occur.

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