Nursing Careers at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic

The nursing service of the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is patient-centred and patient-focused. The UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic goal is to provide exceptional levels of quality care with a major focus on positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.

The nursing department strives to recognize the uniqueness of each individual and aims to develop a therapeutic relationship with the patient that is based on trust understanding and empathy and serves to empower both patient and staff. We are committed to ongoing training and development of all our Nursing Staff.

Our inpatient beds provide a contemporary relaxing surrounding. Each patient will have an individual entertainment centre with television, internet access, telephone access, treatment information, support services that are nurse monitored. A revolutionary quality of service to patients.

The CSSD department supports the theatre, wards and other clinical areas with re-processable medical devices, equipment and materials. These devices are required to undergo a validated process of cleaning, decontamination and sterilization by suitably qualified staff. A tracking and traceability system is in place for sterile processing and documentation of sterile supplies.

We will be recruiting for a number of nursing positions across a variety of specialities including the following:

  • Theatre
  • Anaesthetics
  • Recovery
  • Inpatient ward
  • Day Ward
  • Bank Nurse
For further information please contact Mary O’Brien on +353 1 5262175 or

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