Participants Wanted For Asthma Study

Exercise Induced Asthma SantryResearchers working with SSC are looking for asthmatics to volunteer for a research study to investigate the effect of time of day on exercise-induced asthma.


The study will consist of 3 visits to Trinity College Dublin. On the first visit, they will perform a medical exam and explain the procedure to you. Visits 2 and 3 will occur in the morning and evening and the test will be performed.


The test involves you breathing a gas mixture fastly and deeply to replicate the effect of exercise. For this study, they are looking for male asthmatics, aged 18-35, who have mild to moderate asthma. Participants should be otherwise healthy and not had a severe asthma attack requiring hospitalisation in the prior 5 years.



If you are interested please contact Dr Andrew Rowe on for further information.


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