Welcome to ‘On the Table’ – UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic’s first orthopaedic advances podcast hosted by Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller, Consultant Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician at SSC.

The purpose of the podcast is to explore the reasons behind deciding to operate in common orthopaedic conditions and explore the latest evidence and post-operative strategies.

In Episode Two, we are delighted to speak to Ms Ruth Delaney, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Assistant Clinical Professor, University College Dublin.

This episode focuses on the topic of acromioclavicular joint injury and clavicular fractures.


The epidemiology of AC joint disruption, the anatomy of the joint, and how it is injured.

Talk us through imaging and how radiologists like to give these a graded score and referrers often get confused both about what the grading means and the imaging to make that grading, can you explain it and is it useful?

What do write on the X-Ray referral form to make an appropriate assessment?

What does conservative management mean to you?

When does an AC joint need stabilisation surgery and what does that entail?

14: 47
What complications of surgery exist?

How do you manage pain in the ACJ further down the line, When does excision of the distal clavicle play a part?

Clavicular fractures, management is tricky; how do you approach it? What re the risks of NSAIDS? What are the surgical options for repair?

The post-operative surgical timeline is predictable, talking through the return to sport protocols

Different approaches to clavicular management

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About Ms Delaney

Ms Ruth Delaney has personal website www.dublinshoulderinstitutecom, and you can follow Ruth on twitter @RDShoulder

For further information on this subject please contact info@sportssurgeryclinic.com