Welcome to ‘On the Table’ – UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic’s first orthopaedic advances podcast hosted by Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller.

In Episode One, we are delighted to speak to Mr Hannan Mullet, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Honorary Senior Lecturer at The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.

This episode focuses on the topic of shoulder dislocation and the best practice evidence in its management.


Shoulder dislocation is pretty common in contact sports, can you tell us about the epidemiology of it?

What factors do you take into account when making the clinical assessment?

What does an MRI add to the assessment?

Good et all in 2005 “Traumatic shoulder dislocation in the adolescent athlete: advances in surgical treatment.” Highlights a poor outcome in adolescents who dislocate in terms of stability, is that what you find? Is the evidence convincing?

What is the surgical stabilisation procedure? What are the risks of the surgery afterwards?

Postoperatively can you talk us through the stages of what happens?

Sling position, post-surgery, has generated some controversy originally from the Japanese group recommending external rotation to improve post-surgical mobility, is that debate still ongoing?

Contact sport athletes often re-injury the shoulder–what options do you have at that point, is a repeat operation an option?

What advances might we see in the future?

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