Total Tee Box Warm Up with Luke Hart.

This is the total tee box warm up. This is 4 exercises that you can do when you are running late to the tee box to make sure you maximise your performance on the first hole:

Stick Rotations

So the first exercise we are going to do is some stick rotations. So first off take your 5 iron/driver and pop it in the crease of the arms. You are going to have some soft knees – just bend the knees as you would address the golf ball, and all we are going to do is rotate down to the foot, and back through.

We should have a small bend in the knees.

You should see that one knee flexes and one knee stays a little bit straighter.

From the side – push the bum back, rotate, and back up, rotate and back up.

You are going to do 2 lots of 10.

Split Squats

So this one is to warm up our legs – this is really important especially if you suffer from any kind of knee pain, it is really important we make sure to warm up those muscles before we go onto the course, but also to make sure we develop power in our swing.

What we are going to do is take one leg forwards, one leg backwards, and hold your club in the opposite hand. All we are going to do is dip down and back up again – just small little mini-split squats using the club just to help you.

We want to make sure the knee doesn’t come over the toe. 2 lots of 5 on each leg – literally 2 minutes.

Mini Squats

If you find the split squat one a little bit hard I have got one other for you: So you are going to pop the club in the hands and all we are going to do is a mini little squat.

So we are going to dip, and drive, dip and drive – just to get those legs warm, again pushing the bum backwards, not letting the knees go over the toes.

Again 2 sets of 5.

Upper Body

So this one is now a stretch for your upper body.

What we are going to do is pop the arm across the body, put the hand across – all we are going to do is as we go through there we are just going to rotate around, using the opposite arm to pull you around, hold for a couple of seconds (you should feel this all in your upper back), and relax off.

Then across the other side – pull across and rotate across, hold for a couple of seconds, and relax off.

You can do that twice on each side just once and then move onto your next exercise.

Swing Speed

For this last one now, we are going to incrementally increase the speed. We are going to use our five-iron because it is the heaviest club in the bag.

We are going to set up into our swing and we are going to go 3 slow, 3 medium and 3 fast.

You are just going to try to go as fast as you can on the last three before then you take out the club you are going to use on this hole.

So three easy.

Three medium now.

Then three fast to get you nice and warmed up.

That is your warm-up finished – settle yourself down, take the right club and move onto the first tee.

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Date: 2nd February 2021
Location: Online
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