Running Injuries & Performance Symposium – A Selection of Photographs.

Below please find a selection of photographs from our Annual Sports & Exercise Medicine Conference ‘Running Injuries & Performance Symposium’ which took place in Santry in November.

This event saw a fantastic line up world-renowned speakers in the field of running injuries, biomechanics, footwear and performance congregate in Santry, Dublin. They presented to a full house of attendees with backgrounds in General Practice, Physiotherapy, Strength& Conditioning and those interested in improving performance in track and field sports from recreational athletes to elite performers.

Presenting at this event were the following:

  • Dr Peter Weyand, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, USA.
    • ‘Force, motion, speed: The Mechanical Basis of Sprint Running Performance’
  • Dr Andy Franklyn Miller, Director of SSC Sports Medicine.
    • ‘The Biomechanics of Compartment Syndrome’
  • Grainne Donnelly, Absolute Physio, Fermanagh Ireland & Emma Brockwell, Halos Clinic Oxted, UK.
    • ‘Returning to Running After Pregnancy’
  • Dr JB Morin, Université Coted’Azur, Nice, France.
    • ‘Sprint acceleration: shifting gears from individual performance to hamstring injury management’
  • Dr Jurdan Mendiguchia, Zentrum Rehab & Performance, Spain.
    • ‘Sprint mechanics as a major component of a multifactorial hamstring injury management’
  • Dr Marlene Giandolini, Saloman, Annecy, France.
    • ‘Reduction in soft-tissue vibration: How it can it help long-distance runners improve performance?’
  • Rob Pope
    • ‘Why the hell run across America (5 times)!!!’
  • Colin Griffin, Strength & Conditioning Coach and Running Lead SSC.
    • ‘Running and Achilles Injury’
  • Frans Bosch, Fontys University, Eindhoven, Netherlands.
    • ‘Self-organisation of running and its consequences’
  • Prof. Dan Lieberman, Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA.
    • ‘How we evolved to run and why it matters’
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