Performance Rehab Gym

Our brand new performance gym is the setting for our strength and conditioning sessions. It includes everything you need to address your goals be that rehab from pain or injury, getting fitter or improvements in sports performance.
It houses an Astroturf area for conditioning and movement training, 3 weightlifting platforms, 2 squat racks, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls and cable machines.
For further information please contact our Sports Medicine Department: Tel: +353 1 526 2030 or Email:
This training will be tailored to meet an individual’s goals be it sport performance or weight management.
After identifying any areas that need specific attention we will lay solid movement foundations so that sessions can be progressed according to your own abilities always with those goals in mind. Sessions last between 30 minutes and 60 minutes dependent on the goals of the individual.
These sessions are aimed at all round athletic development for junior athletes. Athletes will work towards certain competencies over 3 individual sessions allowing them to train safely in the group sessions.
These will cover strength, power, balance, mobility, fitness and biomechanics to help enhance sport performance and reduce the chances of injury.
These sessions are for those looking to develop their technique in the Olympic lifts to use in their own training whether new to the lifts or looking to advance.
We use video analysis throughout the sessions to fine tune technique and provide feedback on improvements that you can view whenever can be viewed at any time.
Limitations in strength and poor movement habits have been linked with low back pain.
The aim of these sessions is to enhance strength and movement quality with the aim of reducing low back pain. After an assessment from a physician to rule out other underlying causes, you can attend sessions in the gym.
Sessions will work at the individual’s own pace and will seek to increase the range of pain free movement by increasing strength and improving biomechanics.