The most comprehensive post ACL reconstruction tracking in the world

Our ACL research programme comprises of the SSC ACL Registry. Here, all ACL patients’ in theatre data as well as the tracking of their recovery post surgery are collected. Our unique rehabilitation program has captured 3D Biomechanics data in jumping, landing and cutting on over 2000 patients at 3, 6, and 9 months post surgery and we continue to follow these patients success and recovery.

We are working on algorithmic decision making trees using mathematical modelling to attempt to reduce the risk of re-injury and streamlining rehabilitation approaches.

Collaborations with Oslo Sports Trauma Centre, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, and Methodist University Texas allow us expand and use global expertise to help progress the data. Our trials are registered at

Our latest project is working using the pivot inertial sensors to help guide post operative rehabilitation using the SSC6 ACL method.