Foot and Ankle

Anatomical Diagnosis & Re-education

Ankle sprain is one of the commonest injuries in sport and in day to day life. It is often managed exceptionally badly with crutches and then a swift return to sport. At SSC, we have developed a progressive 6 stage rehabilitation plan to get you back to function as soon as possible.

Achilles tendinopathy, stress fracture, impingement and plantar fasciitis are also common conditions causing significant expense and slow recovery.

Once an accurate anatomical diagnosis is made by our Sports Medicine Physicians, your recovery can be underway with evidence based pathways that many are treading at the same time as you.

Running re-education for lower limb injury is a large part of this teams workload and using video analysis and coaching cues we can modify the landing of your foot, ankle, knee and hip to reduce impact of injury.