Price list

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Consultant
Physician Initial Consultation



€100 per session

Sports Medicine Consultant
Physician Follow Up Consultation


Intra-articular Injection

Includes corticosteroid, autologous plasma
or saline with or without ultrasound guidance


*Varies as to procedure


Physiotherapy Appointment

€100 to €125

depending on the type of appointment.

Specialist Rehabilitation Appointment


Strength and Conditioning Coach Appointment


3D Biomechanics and Specialist Services


(following referral by Consultant;
includes 3, 6 and 9 month testing )


Running Lab


Shoulder Lab

(following referral by Consultant;
includes 14 week, 6, & 12 month testing )


Fitness Lab


Rehab Lab


Groin Lab

(following referral by Consultant; Initial
assessment and Return to Play assessment included )


Isokinetic Testing