SSC Executive

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Mr. Geoff Moylan


Mr. Geoff Moylan

Chief Executive Officer

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Mr. Ray Moran

Medical Director


  • Graduate of Trinity College Dublin
  • Orthopaedic Higher Training Programme in Ireland
  • Fellowship in Atlanta Georgia
  • Fellowship in Nottingham U.K


  • Surgical practice devoted to the management of Knee Pathology
  • Fellow of the Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine (Ireland)
  • Ex – Vice Dean of the Faculty of Sports & Exercise Medicine (Ireland)
  • Ex – Honorary Secretary of the Irish Orthopaedic Association
  • Current President of the Irish Orthopaedic Association


Dr. Andy Franklyn-Miller

Director SMPRC

Dr Andy Franklyn-Miller completed his medical training at Imperial College, London in 1998 before joining the Royal Navy and serving with the Royal Marines. He commenced surgical training but transferred to Sports medicine and trained in the UK and Australia as the Royal Navy’s Consultant in Sport And Exercise Medicine. His final post before leaving the Military was as Head of Research and Director of the Centre for Human Performance, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at The Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre Headley Court.

Dr Franklyn-Miller has worked as Team doctor to British Olympic Rowing, England Rugby, Melbourne Storm Rugby League and the New Zealand Black Ferns alongside work for UK Athletics, Australian Open Tennis and World Swimming Championships.

He has appeared on the BBC Breakfast sofa and Radio 5 live on numerous occasions discussing athlete preparation, injury prevention and injuries to leading athletes and a regular contributor to the BJSM podcast programme.

In 2007 He formed a Research partnership with Dr Eanna Falvey when both were working at University of Melbourne, this research has led to numerous publications on groin pain,fascial injury, injury prevention and sports medicine anatomy. They co-wrote Clinical Sports Anatomy the leading Sports Medicine anatomy text.

Current research interests include: the biomechanics of groin pain, the expedited return to sport following groin injury, exertional lower limb pain and running re-education.

Professional interests include sport injury, unexplained underperformance in athletes, chronic groin pain, lower limb overuse injury, and the management of high performance load and recovery alongside the biomechanics of running for performance.