Health Lab

Are you tired all the time, stressed, anxious or feeling low? Are you constantly struggling with weight, cannot get your diet right and being pulled in one direction or another? Are you worried about your health and have symptoms that when you search on the internet worry you being something more serious? Have you never been able to exercise or are coming back to exercise after a long break?

Then HealthLab is designed just for you.

The program starts at home where you fill out a series of questionnaires to talk about your current health, your understanding of stress, anxiety and risk, and also lets our physician understand a bit about your current lifestyle. This is confidential and used to guide the conversation after we gain a much bigger picture of your health, risks and current test results. Your HealthLab appointment is in two parts. At the 1st visit you will meet our nursing team who, will take a small sample of your blood for analysis and take your blood pressure and perform an ECG
(electrical activity of your heart).

We will also fit a small heart rate data logger (BodyGuard) to you, so we can record your heart rate variability. Finally on this visit we will carry out a DEXA body composition scan to help our doctors guide your review.

For the next 5 days you will also record what you eat, along with times you go to sleep, wake and any stressful moments. This allows us to get a picture of what your life is like and give you a chance to record any worries or concerns during that period.

Your second HealthLab appointment is 7 days after we first see you. Here a Consultant Physician will talk you through your results, data and concerns. Across an hour, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions, and discuss fears.

Your Consultant will then send a written report to your home following the consultation to reinforce any recommendations.

To book your place please call 01 526 2050 or email