SSC launches its new Lactate Testing services

Lactate threshold testing at UPMC Sports Surgery ClinicAt the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic, we individualise the lactate test to ensure it meets the athlete’s requirements, such as their current training status and the race distance they are preparing for. The lactate threshold and subsequent prescribed training programme for a 5km runner differ from that of a marathon runner.
Aside from endurance runners, we also provide lactate testing for field sports players (Rugby, Gaelic Football, Hurling etc.) who may want to improve their match conditioning.
There is a close link between lactate accumulation and neuromuscular fatigue. We also know that neuromuscular fatigue can contribute to injury and cramping. By helping a player improve their lactate threshold we can help them improve their work capacity over match duration and avoid injury and muscle cramping.
We have recently installed new Woodway Performance treadmills at the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic. These patented high spec treadmills are bigger, faster and more accurate than any other treadmill. They are specially designed with a smooth and comfortable running surface. They are the closest any treadmill can get to simulate a ground surface for running.
When an athlete comes to the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic for a lactate test, they will receive a full report on their lactate test and advice on their training programme.
We have also recently installed new watt bikes at the clinic and can offer lactate testing for cycling and triathlon performance.
The Wattbike is an indoor bike that accurately simulates power output, heart rate and pedalling technique on-road bike.
We can help cyclists improve their road or track cycling or time trial performance.
We can also help triathletes improve their performance. Some of the staff at the clinic have strong backgrounds and expertise in cycling and triathlon.
We also help injured patients maximize their rehabilitation by measuring their lactate threshold and power on the watt bike and guide them in their rehabilitation and conditioning sessions by training at an appropriate intensity.
Depending on the nature of the injury, many injured athletes and players can train on a watt bike, avoiding high impact, which may stress the injury site and maintain cardiovascular fitness and avoid weight gain during their rehabilitation period.
Whether it is to maximize your performance or make the best use of your rehabilitation when injured, our lactate testing service can benefit athletes of all levels across many sports. At the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic, we have the best expertise and equipment to help provide a world-leading ‘elite athlete’ service.
For more information or to book a lactate test phone +353 1 5262030 or email

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