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I love to run and play tennis. While both are great for lots of things, they are hard on your knees. I was having peristent pain in my knee and was cautious about getting it done. I know the knee is tricky in terms of treatment. My friends in my running group recommended Ray Moran and I had an initial consultation with him to discuss getting it done there at Santry. I found him to be kind as well as informative and was assured to go ahead with treatment.

I went in for day surgery and found the whole day to be relatively easy. I was seen early in the morning. The anaesthetist was great as I get severe sickness with anaestethic usually but didnt this time owing to his anti nausea injection. Dr Moran was reassuring and my procedure was over quickly.

I was given crutches going home but didnt feel i needed them. I was back on my feet the following day. I followed the physio excercies shown me and i never looked back.

I would definitely go to the Sports Surgery Clinic again – it’s what they do every day so they really are experts.



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