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Julie-Ann Ennis

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I first went to Mr Kelleher in 2017 with lower back pain that was impacting my life & I couldn’t do activities with my daughter and my husband so it was really getting me down.
Mr Kelleher sat and listened, he then talked through my options and sat again answering all my questions. When we finally decided on lumbar fusion L4/L5/S1 I was anxious but again, Mr Kelleher talked me through everything. Throughout my stay in SSC I can honestly say every receptionist, nurse, house doctor, phlebotomist, radiographer, catering staff , manager that I interacted with gave me all the time I needed and explained everything and asked questions.
Mr Kelleher visited me everyday in hospital and contacted me on my mobile each evening after I left the hospital to make sure I was getting on ok. I can’t speak highly enough of him!
Last year I visited Mr Kelleher again with very bad neck and shoulder pain. He was able to arrange an MRI at short notice and, on foot of the MRI he explained that I needed another fusion, this time in my cervical spine, C6/C7. I trust Mr Kelleher so I was happy to proceed. After my surgery I had some pain in my neck and in my lower back so Mr Kelleher sent me to radiology for emergency MRI’s and once he saw there was no post surgical issues he sent Mr Tamilnani to see me. Mr Tamilnani set out a regime of medication for me to take when I went home which would keep my pain levels at bay. He also came to see me each day I was in the hospital.
All the staff in Radiology are excellent at dealing with patients also. I have very small veins so when I need MRI with contrast I always get anxious as it’s difficult for the Radiologists to get a line in. They are always so patient with me and they sit with me to re-assure me and they never make you feel rushed.
I am currently attending Eoin Behan, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist who works with Mr Kelleher. Eoin is an excellent Physio but he’s also nearly like an agony aunt who listens when I complain about my pain! Although he has loads of patients, he has the ability to make you feel like the only patient he has, he gives you 100% attention and find a happy medium between listening and also getting the physiotherapy work done also. Eoin reaches out by email in between our sessions so you always feel there is someone to help, and to listen.
I wish I didn’t have to visit a neurosurgeon, or have surgery, or attend a physiotherapist , or need a pain specialist to write a regime of medication for me …. but there’s no other neurosurgeon and no other hospital and no other physiotherapist I would trust!



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