Research Ethics Committee

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic Research Ethics Committee reviews applications to undertake research in the Hospital. Its remit is to protect the safety and welfare of researchers and research participants and primarily to weigh the risks and benefits of individual research projects.
To submit an application for review, please complete the following documents:
Any applications submitted in any other format will not be accepted.
To ensure there are no delays in your study, we recommend that you consult this guidance manual when completing your application. In addition, if your study requires participants, whether they are staff or service users, please consult these guidance notes on creating a participant information sheet and a separate consent form.
All applicants who receive research approval from the Ethics Committee are required to complete an annual report on their research and/or a final report when the research is terminated or completed. The Research Progress Report form has been devised for this purpose.
The Standard Operating Procedures for the committee are for your information.

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