To UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic patients

At the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic, we are committed to maintaining the continuity of care in a safe and efficient manner. We continue to monitor and review the prevalence of COVID-19 and adhere to all necessary infection prevention control measures in line with National Guidelines.

We would kindly ask all attending SSC to follow the below requirements:

  • Wear a face covering from the time you enter the hospital
  • When attending, we ask that you come alone, where possible. If you need assistance, please bring only one person with you.
  • Perform hand hygiene
  • Practice physical distancing
  • Adhere to cough and respiratory etiquette
  • Do not attend the clinic if you have COVID-19-related symptoms or if you are diagnosed with COVID-19.

The Sidebar Café seating area is only open to visitors at scheduled times in the day.

For further information on this, please email