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The Strength and Conditioning department at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic in Santry looks after much of our back pain, anterior knee and osteoarthritis programmes.
This is done in conjunction with the other divisions of the Clinic’s Physiotherapy Department.
The strength and conditioning team provide the following group classes:
  • LTAD – Long Term Athlete Development
  • Specialist fitness for running
  • Golf specific  Strength & Conditioning
  • Sports Performance
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Many of the injuries we see in our clinic occur as a result of poor movement.
Our Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) programs are aimed at improving the fundamental movement skills necessary to reduce the risk of these injuries and to maximise sport performance for a lifetime.
Courses consist of a 6 week program of sessions in our performance gym and have been influenced by the world leading research conducted at the clinic.
€90 for 6 sessions over 6 weeks.
Golf is a sport that requires high levels of very specific strength and mobility.
Our Golf Edge program is aimed and improving those qualities to help you put metres on your drive and reduce the risk of those back, knee and arm injuries so common amongst golfers.
The six week course of sessions includes an initial assessment and will focus on improving golf specific movements and educate you on how to warm up and correct exercise technique for you to train effectively after the course is over.
For further information please call +353 1 5262030.
In order to condition yourself appropriately for your sport, be that triathlon, distance running or GAA, it is important to know how hard you need to train and measure how you improve.
Our Lactate Threshold Testing allows you to do this.
Lactate threshold is a measure of how hard you can maintain training before fatigue stops you.
This can be used to design training sessions at the right intensity for you and to track how your fitness improves
Each test takes one hour and costs €120.00
Whatever your sport, a well-designed Strength and Conditioning program will have a positive impact on your performance and risk of picking up an injury.
Our aim is to help you discover the tools to dominate in your sport.
This will include developing high quality movement, strength, power, agility and balance.
Our qualified coaches will use video analysis to help you acquire the necessary techniques used in your individualised program as quickly and effectively as possible.
€70 initial session.
€55 per follow up session.

Our Running Clinic has been successful over the past 3 years helping injured athletes return to their respective sports as well as helping uninjured athletes improve their performance and gain that extra edge.
For the injured athlete our RUN Clinical service includes a comprehensive consultation with a Sports Medicine Physician including a video analysis of their running gait to identify the cause of injury.
Our RUN Sport service helps injured or uninjured athletes improve their running technique to be more efficient, faster and robust. This includes running analysis and feedback, specific running drills and a strength-training programme with specific outcome measures.
Our RUN Elite service is designed for the elite athlete or ambitious club runner seeking to improve their performance. The service includes a lactate threshold test to help the athlete plan their training programme to train at appropriate intensities. The service also includes a programme on managing training stress and fatigue.
Our Running Clinic caters for athletes in all running-based sports including track & field, road running, triathlon and field-based sports including GAA, soccer and rugby. Our aim is help the athlete become injury-free and improve their athletic abilities!
To book an appointment please call +353 1 526 2040 or email