What is personalised rehabilitation profiling?

Too often rehabilitation is underloaded (you are lifting too little weight) and overprescribed (you are doing exercises too often).

Everyone responds differently to rehabilitation (we know this from elite sport) and the same exercises may not work for everyone at the same time
with the same problem.

Understanding where weak areas exist can prevent overload as part of rehabilitation.

We think it is really important to show how you compare to other’s so you can know exactly how far you have come and how far you need to go.

We believe that injury occurs when your exercise levels exceed your strength capacity, so comparing yourself to uninjured control’s and also how you
compare to athletes.

We can use accurate measurements to judge your current levels of recovery to guide you and your physiotherapist or coach, improve the success, detail and time you spend in rehabilitation.

You can also opt to take part in our research studies to further improve the data and algorithms used to generate your personalised programming.

What is SSC Lab?

Using the latest technology available, and a database of over 10,000 patients, 2 billion data points and tens of thousands of hours of research analysis, SSCLab will provide the most detailed assessment of your current rehabilitation available in the world.

SSC has spent eight years collecting data relating to strength, power, running and change of direction; to feed machine learning algorithms which identify features that matter in your rehabilitation.

These variables are usually not visible to the eye and need biomechanical assessment to identify whether they apply to you. We have published and will continue to publish these research findings in the scientific literature so others can benefit.

Not every stage of testing is suitable at every step, and patients progress through testing as their rehabilitation progresses with clear targets and goals.

You can compare your data to both yourself, an uninjured and elite population so you can see how far you have come and how far you have to go.

We give you clear numerical targets and visual feedback along with detailed advice for your own rehabilitation team.

Athletes have visited SSCLab from professional sports teams all over the world, the full test range and detailed feedback and advice is now available
directly to you and your therapists.