Pre-Assessment Clinic


Welcome to the Pre-Op Assessment Clinic in UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic. We hope this leaflet will answer some of your questions about the Pre-Operative assessment that your surgical doctor has referred you to and how you can prepare for it.

What is Pre-Operative Assessment?

Prior to your surgery, we need to make sure that you are as fit and healthy as possible for your anesthetic. This means you are less likely to have your surgery delayed or cancelled on the day, as any problems that are discovered are dealt with prior to admission. You will have been referred to us by your surgeon following your outpatient appointment.

How is the assessment arranged?

You will receive a phone call/letter from the Patient Services to arrange an appointment approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your surgery.

Please feel free to bring a member of your family/carer along with you if you wish. You will be asked to bring in any medication that you may be taking.

What does the Assessment entail?

Your assessment at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic entails a nursing and medical review.

How Long does the assessment take?

All assessments are different and the length of time may vary, you will be in the clinic for approx. 1 to 2 hours.

What happens next?

Following a successful assessment, you are passed fit for surgery and your doctor is informed.

But, if during your assessment, a problem is detected, you may require some further investigations or another specialist referral e.g. cardiology. This is arranged by the Pre-op nurse, who will liaise with you. Your surgery may be delayed for a time until all investigations are completed.

After any investigation, the Pre-Op nurse will follow-up your results with the Consultant.

If you have undiagnosed high blood pressure, you will be referred back to your G.P. to manage it for you. Please ensure you provide the nurse with you G.P name and contact details.

Discharge Planning

The majority of patients who have Hip and Knee replacement surgery go home from SSC. If your consultant has recommended convalescence, please arrange it prior to admission

Unable to attend

If you are unable to attend please contact Patient Services, 01-5262000 as your appointment may be offered to another patient