Sports Medicine

SSC has been designed and built to provide world-class sports medicine care for everyone, from the elite athlete to members of the general public, enabling each individual to return to their desired activity as soon as injury permits.
  • More than a third of all sports and recreation injuries involve soft tissue such as muscle, tendon and ligament rather than bone.
  • Poorly rehabilitated soft tissue injury may lead to the development of chronic instability and injury; 70% of improperly rehabilitated ankle injuries remain symptomatic 1 year post injury.
  • Though often less dramatic than a fracture, chronic soft tissue injury such as groin pain or patellar tendinopathy may be more significant in terms of time lost from sport.
The sports physicians at SSC are trained to make the appropriate diagnosis, and just as importantly, to assess and correct any predisposing factors for injury.
At SSC we have access to the most advanced radiological imaging, read by radiologists trained in musculoskeletal imaging. Once the diagnosis is made we can advise on treatment and arrange for the appropriate referral pathway.
All of our Orthopaedic Surgeons specialise in Sports Medicine, and operate from the same complex, so we can ensure speedy referral and treatment.
We employ some of the most modern, evidence-based treatments for chronic injuries such as tendinopathy and myofascial disorders. In conjunction with our team of experienced physiotherapists, rehabilitation is directed and monitored with the most advanced methods such as isokinetic testing.
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