Booking Process

All our services can be booked directly via our patient liaison team. If you are being referred by your General Practioner, Physiotherapist or another Consultant please bring a referral letter so we can correspond directly, or you can choose to consult at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic directly.

Some services require a consultation with a Sports and Exercise Medicine Consultant first but our team will advise you. We also refer directly where appropriate to our Orthopaedic Surgeon colleagues.

To make an appointment please call +353 1 526 2030

Coverage & Requirements

Our Hospital and our Sports Medicine Consultants are registered and covered by all the major insurers in Ireland and some across wider Europe. We occasionally have a visiting Academic Fellow, who although is a Consultant in Europe is not fully recognised by all insurers.

However, not all our services may be fully rebatable by your policy and you should check your coverage with your health insurer.

Currently our Strength and Conditioning Coaches are not part of a recognised rebate by all health insurers (VHI aside) but are a vital part of our team and process. We are working to get their services recognised alongside physiotherapists for the excellent care they provide.