Why choose UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic?

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) is the leading private orthopaedic hospital in Ireland. It has a national and international reputation for orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine.

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is a centre of excellence in joint replacement (hip, knee, shoulder) and sports soft tissue surgery.

The clinic has more than 40 consultants in orthopaedic surgery and allied specialities, supported by a team of highly specialised nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals.

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is located in Santry Demesne, Dublin 9, and prides itself in the following areas:

• Access to the right consultant
• Access to all the required investigations
• The highest quality of preoperative care
• Personal rehabilitation programmes to maximise outcomes from treatment

Facilities at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic include seven ultra clean-air operating theatres dedicated to orthopaedic and spinal surgical procedures, an onsite diagnostic imaging department including three 3.0 Tesla MRI Scanners, and a performance rehabilitation centre located in our Sports Medicine Department.

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic has 27 consultant rooms, 91 inpatient beds, and 20 day-case beds. Patient comfort is at the heart of the service provided by UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic, with every room having its own ensuite bathroom and bedside entertainment system with internet, telephone, TV, sports and movies.

Services provided at the clinic include:

The Sports Medicine Department at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is the leading centre in Sports Medicine, with world-acclaimed research and an international reputation for sports injury management and rehabilitation.

In 2017, due to increasing patient demand, our Sports Medicine Department relocated to a new fully equipped rehabilitation facility in Gulliver’s Retail Park, approximately 500m from the main hospital.

This new facility employs techniques used in professional sports to improve injury management outcomes and patient satisfaction. This knowledge and experience at the elite level is applied at the clinic to all patients, attracting many internationally recognised professional sports athletes as well as amateur sporting enthusiasts.

This facility houses our Sports and Exercise Medicine Team, which consists of Consultant Physicians, Physiotherapists, and Strength and conditioning coaches. It also includes an ultra-modern Performance Rehabilitation Gym.

Our Sports Medicine Department is also home to our cutting-edge 3D Biomechanics Laboratory, led by a team of Biomechanists and Researchers who regularly collaborate with consultants and local universities. This highlights the real commitment that UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic places on promoting future breakthroughs in Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine.

3.0 Tesla MRI Scanner SSC

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is the only centre in Ireland that has three dedicated clinical 3.0 Tesla MRI scanners delivering superior image resolution and quality, supporting a centre of excellence in the assessment and treatment of Musculoskeletal pathology as well as general imaging. In addition to the three MRI scanners, the Radiology Department at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic includes cutting-edge diagnostic equipment such as a CT scanner (with ASiR technology), Ultrasound, DEXA, OPG, Digital X-ray and Screening Digital X-ray. All related image-guided therapeutic interventions, such as targeted joint injections and spinal interventions, are supported.

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is proud to be accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), a worldwide leader in improving the quality of healthcare.

Infection rates in UPMC SSC are extremely low, and our comprehensive infection prevention and control programme is committed to ensuring a safe environment for patients.

Our mission is to deliver the highest standard of care at competitive rates and have comprehensive insurance contracts with all of Ireland’s leading  Health Insurance companies. 

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic offers patients the same excellent care, whether they are Olympic athletes or weekend warriors.