Infection Control

The Infection prevention and control (IP&C) program at the UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic (SSC) is committed to reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections in patients, visitors and healthcare workers.

Infection prevention and control team (IPCT) consist of an Infection prevention and control nurse (IPCN) and a  consultant Microbiologist

The IPC&T undertakes surveillance to monitor alert organisms within the hospital and broader community. In addition, we conduct surgical site infection surveillance, and this data is presented to the Infection Control Committee (ICC) quarterly. Surveillance is a significant component of the infection prevention program.


The Infection Control Committee meets quarterly to assess progress with annual plan and development with key performance indicators set out by the committee.


Infection prevention and control guidelines are available in hard copy in every department within the hospital. All SSC healthcare workers can access these documents on the hospitals public drive.


Education in Hand Hygiene and Infection Control is mandatory for all Health Care Workers in UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic. Staff receive updates on best practices annually.


SSC’s Hand hygiene champion program in place to raise the profile of hand hygiene to ensure we maintain high standards of quality care.


Hand hygiene audit results to date comparable with national data available from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC)



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