The Radiology Department at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic includes cutting-edge diagnostic equipment such as 3.0 Tesla MRI scanners, CT (with ASiR technology), Ultrasound, DEXA, Screening Digital X-ray and image-guided therapeutic interventions such as targeted joint injections and spinal interventions are supported.

UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic is the only centre in Ireland that has three dedicated clinical 3.0T MRI scanners delivering superior image resolution and quality, supporting a centre of excellence in the assessment and treatment of Musculoskeletal pathology as well as general imaging.

The Radiology Department operates in a fully digital RIS/PACS integrated environment; this helps to support fast turnaround time from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation. At UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic, technical and professional quality is maintained by active audit programmes, interval double reading of scans, and direct radio pathological correlation through surgical feedback.

The team of musculoskeletal Consultant Radiologists provides 24-hour consultant expertise and rapid report turnaround times. In addition, musculoskeletal pathologies can be referred in-house to the Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons, Neurosurgeons and Sports Medicine Physicians who form the core Consultant group at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic.