Preparation Exercises for Golf

Our team of Strength & Conditioning coaches at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic have created the following exercises aimed at helping you prepare for your round of golf and improve your overall performance.
• Cues: Sit back into a chair – Shirt logo facing forward – Belt buckle up
• Increase range (depth) throughout the set (maintain spine angle)
• 2 x 8 reps
• Cues: Split stance – Upper body quiet (statue) – Belt buckle up
• Carousel drop – Increase range throughout the set
• 2 x 6 reps each side
• Cues: Split stance with weight on the front foot
• Rock back and forward keeping the heel on the ground
• 2 x 10 reps each side + 10 second stretch at the end
• Cues: Extend one arm – Short grip on a band – Pull the bow
• 2 x 6 reps each side
• Cues: Hands behind the head (or hold a band or club)
• Fix hips – Rotate upper body (minimal lower back) – Increase range
• 2 x 6 reps each side



• Hinge over like your bowing to the crowd – Maintain spine angle – Belt buckle
• Increase range throughout the set (feel stretch through rear thigh)
• 2 x 8 reps each side
• Athletic stance – Quiet hips and lower body – Rotate upper body forcefully
• Arms remain locked out (stiff) and a wide arc is created
• 2 x 6 reps each side
• Band, stick or club rotate forward and back over the head
• Object remains on a wide arc -Posture remains tall and quiet
• 2 x 10 reps each way

You can download the exercise sheet by clicking below. A sample S&C planner is also available to download below.

For further information on these exercises or to make an appointment with any of the following departments please see contact details below:

Sports Medicine: / 01 526 2030

Radiology: / 01 526 2060

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