Inpatient and Post-Op

The In-Patient and Post Operative Physiotherapy Team care for all patients who undergo elective orthopaedic surgery at UPMC Sports Surgery Clinic.
For many the prospect of such a procedure can be daunting and it is reassuring for patients to know that the quality of care provided by our team of chartered physiotherapists from admission through to discharge and afterwards as an outpatient is of the highest standard.
Physiotherapy for surgical patients consists of three phases namely Pre-Surgical Physiotherapy / In-Patient Physiotherapy and Post Operative  Physiotherapy and the goal of the physiotherapy team is to facilitate a seamless journey for the patient between these phases.
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Pre-surgical physiotherapy prepares the patient for the planned surgical procedure ensuring that they are fully informed on what is involved thereby allowing adequate co-ordination of time off work and family support arrangements or any other forward planning issues that might be required.
Pre-surgical Physiotherapy also identifies any strength or mobility deficits prior to the surgical procedure so that these can be addressed by means of a tailored exercise program designed by a chartered physiotherapist thereby reducing the workload post operatively while also facilitating a more swift recovery.
In-Patient physiotherapy consists of immediate post surgical physiotherapy care which involves carefully assisting the patient to initiate movement utilising simple bed exercises to begin with, and gradually moving to mobilisation and exercise away from the bed when appropriate.
The prescription and fitting of devices such as crutches or braces is also performed at this stage while specific functional criteria must be met prior to discharge such as where necessary range of motion available or ability to use crutches safely on flat surfaces and stairs.
Post Operative Physiotherapy continues for patients on an out-patient basis where the frequency of sessions is decided by the surgical procedure involved and the rate of rehabilitation progress of the patient.
All rehabilitation programs are tailored to suit the individual patient by our team of chartered physiotherapists who are on hand to guide the patients through the recovery process towards optimal function.
The latest evidence based rehabilitation techniques are utilised in our state of the art rehabilitation department with a strong emphasis on comprehensive assessment and active assisted recovery.
Communication continues between the physiotherapist and consultant throughout the three stages outlined above thereby ensuring optimal outcomes and swift support from the consultant should that be required.