Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (MSK) is a field of Physiotherapy specialising in treating conditions of the muscles and joints. This is very important asset to a hospital that specialises in joint replacement surgery, spinal surgery and sports injuries.
Located in Santry Dublin, our team of MSK physiotherapists liaise closely with Orthopaedic Surgeons, Spinal Surgeons and Sports Medicine Physicians on a daily basis to offer the highest standards in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of muscle, joint and back pain problems.
With access to state of the art rehabilitation equipment including Treadmills, Wattbikes, and Olympic Weightlifting platforms the MSK rehabilitation gym provides the perfect environment for rehabilitation.
In addition the MSK team plays a fundamental role in the clinic’s ‘Pain Management Programme’ which has been developed in-house with Pain Management Consultants and Clinical Psychologists .
This research based service is focused on providing people suffering from persistent pain with a greater understanding of their individual pain management strategies, to improve their day-to-day life while incorporating therapeutic and functional exercise to promote a healthy mind and body.
What can a MSK Physiotherapist do for you?
  • Reduce pain by managing injury.
  • Aid recovery and return to work or sporting activities.
  • Improve flexibility, strength, co-ordination
  • Improve overall fitness
  • Help you with future injury prevention
  • Referral for Diagnostic imaging including MRI, X-Ray, CT Scan
  • Referral to Orthopaedic Consultants / Neurosurgeons, Sports Physicians.
  • Referral to Strength / Conditioning team
You do not require a referral to arrange an appointment with a member of our MSK team. This can be done by calling +353 1 5262040 or emailing

Colm Fuller

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